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A Beautiful, Terrible Thing:
Stories about making a life in independent music

True, personal stories about life in the independent music world.   Click on a photo to hear the storyteller’s tale. […]

Make Believe

This week on the podcast two stories about the pleasures and perils of fantasies.

It’s Glamorous Work — Someone’s Got to Do It

This week on the podcast three stories about the gritty — ok, the gross — side of making a living.

Truth and Lies:
An Evening of Stories and Magic

An evening of exploring the pleasure and pain of being conned with an evening of illusion, deceit, misdirection, and sleight-of-hand […]

Off the Menu

This week on the podcast, three stories in which waiters and cooks offer a look at life in the back-of-house.

Off the Menu:
Stories about memorable meals, colorful customers, and our lives in restaurants.

Click on the photo to hear the story.         The Stoop and Baltimore magazine present a Second […]

Holidays Far From Home

This week on the podcast, three stories about celebrating Christmas miles from home and hearth.

Stoop Storytelling 101
Workshop in the Art and Craft of True, Personal Storytelling

In this half-day interactive workshop, participants discover the evidence-based power of stories as a universal tool of communication, gain skills […]

Workin’ It:
Stories about Making a Living in Baltimore

The Stoop Storytelling Series in collaboration with Baltimore Museum of Industry present an evening of true, personal tales about what […]