Tag: growing up

Not Us

This week on the podcast, two stories of young people in situations where they can’t be honest about their mental […]

My Theme Song

This week on the podcast, a video game hero and a Big Band aficionado tell us about the songs that […]

Culture Shock

This week on the podcast, two stories about two young women who find themselves in a strange new land.

Not What I Expected Part III

This week on the podcast, the final installment of our series about life’s surprises, in which two rather explosive things […]

Santa, Three Ways

This week on the podcast, three stories about The Big Jolly Guy.


The pleasures and perils of watching your first R-rated movie in a theater.

Getting it Wrong:
Stories about Mix-ups, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings.

It’s an evening of epic goofs when The Stoop presents 7 tales about how we misjudge, misconstrue, and misinterpret ourselves, […]

I was Cool in the 80s

Not! This week, two stories about Reagan-era uber-nerds!

Adulthood is Not Quite What I Expected

In this week’s episode, three young folks talk about the shock of adulthood, from the terrors of Your First Real […]