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Stoop Storytelling 101
Workshop in the Art and Craft of True, Personal Storytelling

In this half-day interactive workshop, participants discover the evidence-based power of stories as a universal tool of communication, gain skills […]

Workin’ It:
Stories about Making a Living in Baltimore

The Stoop Storytelling Series in collaboration with Baltimore Museum of Industry present an evening of true, personal tales about what […]

Road Trip

Three travelers set out for three different journeys in which (very) unexpected adventures ensue. Special feature: shape-note singing!

Body Builders

This week on the podcast, two stories about two different fellas struggling to transform themselves and their bodies. Mike “The […]

Fright Night:
Stories about nightmares, phobias, and good ole-fashioned anxiety.

Storytellers Kim Le Kevin Casein Ryan T. Shields Ellen Brown Umar Khan Gail Green Pete R. Amelia Miller Gen Chawluk […]