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Laughing at Death

This week on the podcast, two stories of poking fun at Death. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from […]

An Unwanted Gift

This week on the podcast, we devote the entire episode to the story of one woman living fully as she […]

No Limits:
Stories about female leadership, creativity, and resilience.

Rebecca Ward The Stoop Storytelling Series in partnership with Women in Business at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School will present […]

I Did it My Way:
Stories about Creating a Life — and Death — On Your Own Terms.

            The Stoop, in collaboration with Speak(easy) Howard, presents an evening of stories¬†about defining your […]

Getting it Wrong:
Stories about Mix-ups, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings.

It’s an evening of epic goofs when The Stoop presents 7 tales about how we misjudge, misconstrue, and misinterpret ourselves, […]

Good Cops

Two Baltimore police officers tell stories about on-the-beat events that test them in unexpected ways. Then-newly minted officer Edward Doyle […]

Parent Trap

This week on the podcast, three stories about parents told from the perspectives of their children who, as the saying […]

The Stoop Die Hard Holiday Show:
Stories about surviving the yuletide season.

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