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Love Sucks!

This week on the podcast, two stories of love affairs gone REALLY WRONG.

Principal’s in the House

This week on the podcast, an encore presentation in honor of the annual back to school migration: a story about […]

Love is Strange

This week on the podcast, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with two un-Hallmark stories.

The Avengers

Two stories of tough broads standing up for justice and getting results.

Secrets of the Heart

On this week’s episode, two women keep silent about the mysteries of their hearts.

Stoop Storytelling 101
Workshop in the Art and Craft of True, Personal Storytelling

In this half-day interactive workshop, participants discover the evidence-based power of stories as a universal tool of communication, gain skills […]

Workin’ It:
Stories about Making a Living in Baltimore

The Stoop Storytelling Series in collaboration with Baltimore Museum of Industry present an evening of true, personal tales about what […]