Under One Roof

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stories about Living Together (or Trying to)

A match made in heaven morphs into the marriage from hell. Grandma moves in with the fam‚Äîand nothing is ever the same. Your college roommate loves Black Sabbath; you prefer Enya. Your new cat keeps peeing on your pillow‚Äîuntil you give her Prozac. In “Under one Roof: Stories about Living Together (or trying to),” seven storytellers get seven minutes each to spin true tales about cohabitation’s tangled webs.

Marc Steiner – Radio Host

Rupert Wondolowski – Poet, painter, and bookstore owner

Kat Hudson – Freelance writer

Matt Fisher – Dog walker

JaHipster – Scientist and performance poet

Andrea Seabrook – NPR Correspondent

Kristi Birch – Cat lover and writer