Podcast: The Mayoral Show

Monday, April 18, 2016

On this episode, an experiment in non-politics.

What is an election if not a fancy job interview? We decided to ask our mayoral candidates to tell us a story from their first job, without campaigning. 13 candidates told their stories. In this episode we hear highlights from each candidate’s story. You can find the candidates’ unedited stories on our website: stoopstorytelling.com

Candidates in order of appearance: Emanuel McCray (D), Elizabeth Embry (D), Alan Walden (R), David Marriott (Green), Brian Vaeth (R), Catherine Pugh (D), Armand Girard (R), Carl Stokes (D), David Warnock (D), DeRay McKesson (D), Joshua Harris (Green), Patrick Gutierrez (D)