Legends of the Fall

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Stories about Failure

It’s an evening of blood, tears, mishaps, screw-ups, and shattered dreams when seven storytellers get seven minutes each to tell true tales of loserdom in The Stoop Storytelling Series premiere, “Legends of the Fall: Stories about Failure.”

Stoop founders Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin host a lineup that includes crime novelist Laura Lippman, WJZ-TV morning host Marty Bass, Walters Art Museum director Gary Vikan and Baltimore magazine senior editor Max Weiss.

Gary Viken – Walter’s Art Museum Director

Max Weiss – Baltimore Magazine Editor

Valarie Perez-Schere – Performance Artist and mother of three

Laura Lippman – Writer

Shannon Dunn – Freelance Writer

Marty Bass – WJZ-TV morning host

Charles Cohen – Freelance writer