Coming to America

Monday, April 7, 2008

Immigrant Stories

Seven storytellers get seven minutes each to tell tales about leaving, arriving, and struggling to make a new home in this strange place called Baltimore.

<br/><b>Presented in partnership with “The Jewish Museum of Maryland’s”: Second Annual Herbert H. & Irma B. Risch Memorial Program on Immigration</b>

William Wright – Artist, and therefore chauffeur

Terrylynn Tyrell – Special education advocacy, and policy consultant

Jason Gerson – Public health researcher

Mario Rolando Diaz – Driver

Inge Weinberger – Former Director, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Mamadou Sy – Program Coordinator, Baltimore Resettlement Center

Peter Nobel – Catering Director

Martha Weiman – Audience Storyteller

Lisa O’Reilly – Audience Storyteller

Maryrose Whelley – Audience Storyteller