July 11, 2009

Baltimoored: Summer in the City

On July 9, 10 and 11, The Stoop’s first ever live radio show will feature old-time comedy sketches from our friends at the Baltimore Improv Group, performances from Caleb Stine and the Brakemen, along with local musicians ellen cherry, The 5th L, and Arty Hill, and, of course, the true, personal tales The Stoop is famous for. Storytellers include “The Wire’s” Clarke Peters, First Lady Katie O’Malley, actress Rain Pryor, former “The Simpsons” writer Larry Doyle, and more!


Thursday, Act I
Thursday, Act II
Friday, Act I
Friday, Act II

Saturday, Act I
Saturday, Act II



JULY 9: Larry Doyle Author of "I Love You, Beth Cooper"; former "Simpsons" writer larrydoyle.com

JULY 9: Harriet Lynn producer, Heritage Theater Artists' Consortium www.h-tac.com/

JULY 9: Brian Wendell Morton City Paper political columnist and sleight of hand artist www.brianwendellmorton.com/Site/About_Me.html

JULY 9: Lauren Bender assistant teacher, artist, twin, and co-director of Narrow House, a publisher of avant-garde poetry, literature, and literary recordings narrow-house.blogspot.com

JULY 10: Sheri Booker poet, ex-funeral home lady www.sheribooker.com/

JULY 11: Pamela White Circuit Court judge

July 11: Kelly Meekins genetic epidemiologist

JULY 10: Wayne Larrivey teacher and theater director