Stories of the best, worst, and most memorable celebrations and conflagrations

Seven storytellers get seven minutes each to spin stories of holiday heaven and hell.

Shirley Brewer – Poet

Jim V. – Teacher, cyclist

Susan Anthony – Marketing and PR maven

Ana Goldseker – Nutritionist

Jessica N. – Teacher

Ba Barocca – Audience Storyteller

Arty Hill – Singer/Songwriter

Ellen Cherry – Singer/Songwriter

Burke Sampson – Musician

E. J. Shaull-Thompson – Musician

Dave Hadley – Musician

Jessica Henkin – Stoop Co-Founder, Badass

Laura Wexler – Stoop Co-Founder

Caleb Stine – Singer/Songwriter

Tracy Gosson – Audience Storyteller

Heather Moyer – Audience Storyteller

Dudley Clendinen – Writer