Stories about cooking, eating, and assorted food issues

Seven storytellers get seven minutes each to tell tales of “Big Night” style masterpieces, waiting tables, and unholy cases of heartburn at the family dinner table.

Ba Barocca – Audience Storyteller

Gregory Hartzler-Miller – Lifestyle Experimenter

Erica Chung – School Psychologist

John Shields – Chef, author, Restaurant, Spiritual Director

Mary Rose Madden – Public Radio Producer

Tony Geraci – Director of Food and Nutrition for Baltimore City Public Schools

Chrissy Ferrera – Artist, Starbucks diarist

Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin – Stoop Founders and Hosts

Boister – Band

Theresa Columbus – Audience Storyteller

Cait Hanlon – Audience Storyteller

Jessica Henkin – Host

Scooter Holt – The Hunter S. Thompson of Baltimore’s bar scene

Laura Wexler – Host

De’Von Brown – Student, motivational speaker, up-and-coming film director, talk show host, musician, one of the “Boys of Baraka”

Anne Watts – Boister