The Stoop Summer Live Radio Show

The Stoop radio players and storytellers of all kinds take the stage for three live radio show performances about that most curious of institutions: high school.

Live music from Baltimore’s own “The Egg Babies Orchestra”, “Victoria Vox”, and “The 5th L”.

Kate Hooks

Bill Griffiths

Greg Koren

Alex Hewett

Roy Taff

Alicia Gabriel

Rob Schoeberlein

Murph McManus

Jennifer Downs

Heath Harrison

Diane Macklin

Richard Meltzer

Amy Sampson

BR McDonald

Amy Greco

Bradford Pearson

Betsy Boyd

Gabe Donnenberg

Hope Harris

Jessica Hartman

Steve Walker

The 5th L – Hip-hop, spoken word duo

Chris Myers – King of the Egg Babies

Stoop Radio Players

Aaron Henkin – Host

Brian Gilbert

Mike Harris – Radio Player

Jessica Henkin and Laura Wexler – Stoop Co-Founders and Co-Hosts

Ron Spencer and Laura Wexler – Sound effects team

Victoria Vox – Ukelele Diva

Dave Minges

Patrick Gilbert

Diane Coraggio