Summer in the City

On July 9, 10 and 11, The Stoop’s first ever live radio show will feature old-time comedy sketches from our friends at the “Baltimore Improv Group”:, performances from “Caleb Stine and the Brakemen”:, along with local musicians “ellen cherry”:, “The 5th L”:, and “Arty Hill”:, and, of course, the true, personal tales The Stoop is famous for. Storytellers include “The Wire’s” “Clarke Peters”:, First Lady “Katie O’Malley”:, actress Rain Pryor, former “The Simpsons” writer “Larry Doyle”:, and more!


“Thursday, Act I”
“Thursday, Act II”

“Friday, Act I”
“Friday, Act II”

“Saturday, Act I”
“Saturday, Act II”

July 9: Larry Doyle – Author of “I Love You, Beth Cooper”; former “Simpsons” writer

July 9: Harriet Lynn – Producer, Heritage Theater Artists’ Consortium

July 9: Brian Wendell Morton – City Paper political columnist and sleight of hand artist

July 9: Lauren Bender – Assistant teacher, artist, twin, and co-director of Narrow House, a publisher of avant-garde poetry, literature, literary recordings

July 9: Susan Kim – Writer

July 10: Katie O’Malley – First Lady of Maryland

July 10: Sheri Booker – Poet, ex-funeral home lady

July 10: Amanda Krotki – Content editor, The Baltimore Sun

July 11: Rain Pryor – Actress

July 11: Clarke Peters – Actor on “The Wire”

July 11: Pamela White – Circuit Court Judge

July 11: Michael Ziccardi – Law Clerk

July 11: Kelly Meekins – Genetic Epidemiologist

July 10: Jon Aaron – Teacher

July 10: Wayne Larrivey – Teacher and theater director